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The Inner Changemaker Show

Nov 23, 2016

Khierstyn Ross is a crowdfunding expert specializing in products and has raised over 1.2 Million in the last year. 

She went from running painting businesses, to consulting, before going through massive crowdfunding failures before she found her groove. 

In the episode, we deep dive into WHY she believes crowdfunding is the best way of validating a product idea and we also figure out what went wrong with her very first failed campaign. 

Fun fact: We run Toronto Internet Marketers together, which is the fastest growing internet marketing meetup in the city of Toronto. 

What you will discover through this episode: 

  • How Khierstyn went from running painting businesses to a crowdfunding expert
  • How to leverage the "popularity algorithm"
  • Why you need an audience before we launch your product
  • How she is able to get so much done in a condense amount of time.
  • and so much more!! 

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