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The Inner Changemaker Show

May 2, 2017


Updates and Announcements: This week, we are finally starting the Asian Experience on Q&A with Jay series. 

This is where I am going to be sharing what it feels like to be a 2nd generation Canadian, 1st generation Canadian, and really what it took to share with my parents that I am an entrepreneur and that I was going to quit my job to become one.


If you want to get involved for this Q&A or have a question, I am going live on Wednesday at 12 noon EST and you can get direct access to my behind the scenes room at

Once again, it’s


Have you ever wondered how do I build a relationship with influencers and get people on my show?

I share with people all the time my email scripts, but it’s not necessarily about what you say, it’s more so about how you say it.

IF you want to deep dive on topic, I am doing a LIVE interview with my Bailey Richert, on her awesome Infopreneur Summit later this week.

It’s a pretty crazy price for the tickets, but I got you some FREE virtual tickets so be sure to scoop them up if you haven’t had a chance already.

Go to to register for the infopreneur summit, you can watch me speak and there are a bunch of other experts in the information product game there that will share their expertise with you. For free too!

Once again, it’s




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