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The Inner Changemaker Show

Oct 29, 2018

This is for the entrepreneurs and creators out there. 

This is what it takes to make it in creating your platform and stepping into the thought leader you are. 

Have an amazing week! 

Love to hear your feedback here:  

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Oct 22, 2018

Have you ever felt like a hot mess? Like you couldn't get ahead of life or your business no matter what you did?

Perhaps you are in a phase right now where you are doing everything to move forward, but every step you take, you feel you are getting pushed back. 

I have been there many times myself. 
*Pro-tip* - It never...

Oct 18, 2018

Having just visited the amazing La Lastra winery in Siena, Tuscany, I’ve been contemplating the idea of building momentum for your growth. It is a simple idea that I too often overlook – the idea that we should focus on what works. And it is an especially important notion now, as the end of the calendar...

Oct 16, 2018

Today, Jay Wong sat down with James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, entrepreneur, and photographer. He shared how to build habits that will create ate great outcome for your life, his book and actionable steps you can apply to your business and personal life.

Jay started the conversation rolling by asking James how he...

Oct 13, 2018

Have you ever wondered to yourself - how do these "influencers and experts make money creating content?" 

Being a part of the transformation industry (whether it's weight loss, nutrition, personal development, finances etc...) your job as a coach is not only to give your audience the tactics. 

It's to inspire belief and...