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The Inner Changemaker Show

Jan 30, 2017

Myke Macapinlac is the founder of Social Confidence Summit as well as a confidence coach for men around the world. His in-depth list of clients not only look like rockstars, but start changing their whole lives simply from working on their social confidence. 

Myke recently launch his book “Social Confidence For Shy...

Jan 26, 2017

How To Dominate Your Niche ft: John Lee Dumas. 

This the critical lesson I learned from talking to John earlier this week. IF you missed the interview, make sure to catch it here -->

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Jan 23, 2017

John Lee Dumas is the man behind one of most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever  Accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days with The Freedom Journal:

He is the launching a new notebook this week; Master productivity, discipline and focus in 100 days with The Mastery Journal:

Jan 19, 2017

Why attitude is more important that IQ

YES ladies and gentleman attitude is more important than IQ. in this video/audio we will explain all the reasons why attitude is so important if you want to be successful

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Jan 16, 2017

UJ Ramdas is the co-creator of The Five Minute Journal, Productivity Planner and co-founder at Intelligent Change. He cares deeply about behavior, business, and learning. He's also a fan of meditation, nature, and coffee.




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