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The Inner Changemaker Show

Sep 23, 2016

How To Change Your Mindset About Life

It's NOT about the tactics and strategies. It's about your mindset.

Change your mindset, change your life.





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Are you...

Sep 22, 2016

He built 3 businesses in 3 years

He paid off his house in less 3 years

He coached over 60 people to build successful businesses

Meet Alex Barker

He also happens to be the host of The 66-Day Experiement Podcast where he runs 66-day experiments and documents the results. 

He read a book a day in Season 1 of the 66 Day...

Sep 14, 2016

Rhea Mehta, Ph.D. is a doctor of toxicology and nutritional sciences, an optimal living coach and self-care activist based in Toronto. In 2013 Dr. Rhea founded Living Rhea, a health optimization consultancy and movement with a mission to empower changemakers to unlock their healthiest potential.

A contributor to the...

Sep 7, 2016

Tim Han is the founder of the recently gone viral Youtube channel Success Insider with over 56K+ following (and counting!)  

On this channel he shares his wisdom he’s gained from the last 8 years he’s dedicated to hacking performance as well as inviting highly renown guests such as Jairek Robbins, Caleb...

Sep 6, 2016

I took last week off because of my birthday, but now that I feel rejuvenated, I have made a commitment to myself and to you the listener. Listen to find out what it is!