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Mar 11, 2016

"How do you get everything done so efficient?" The overly simple answer is FOCUS. 

But used in a very specific manner. 

It was a been a while since it was just us. The sound of my voice and your ears. 

So much has happened in the last 6-8 weeks that it’s hard to know where to start.

Enough about the past and what has happened, let’s talk about right now.

This moment. 

It’s March. Perhaps you are like me, things are happening at 100 mph in your life. 

Perhaps you are booking summer plans?

Perhaps this year is not what you imagined... 

Not matter where you are at, let’s bring our focus to what matters most.

This is two-fold. Your grand vision and at the same time knowing the next tactical move.

People forget. It was less than 90 days ago when we started 2016. Whether you set a new years resolution or not is beside the point. 


I am talking about setting intentions. 

You probably set an intention somewhere along the way and said to yourself, I would really like to do this one thing this year.


Or I hope I keep myself open. Or I want to incorporate this habit. 

Whatever it is that you set on doing, its either in the midst of happening or its not happening at all. 

It’s chaotic right now. I get it. People are getting new opportunities, perhaps you are listening to this and you lost an opportunity, which in turn gives that that new opportunity.


Here is the thing, it is nice to be moving at a 100 mph, but we have to think about whats important.


Why are you doing what you are doing?


We forget, it can all end tomorrow.

It is likely, probably not. But imagine for a few seconds that it does. 


If it was all gone tomorrow, would you be happy being and doing exactly what you are doing?


Not just happy, but beaming with joy. Almost as if you feel you are exactly where you need to be.


Sure, it would be nice if you were a little more ahead. Or if you are behind, then it would definitely feel nice to be ahead, but are you on your way to where you need to be.


Because if you are, you feel it.


You already know what I am talking about.


You are living in total alignment and you are loving it. 


But let’s help our friends that might not be 100% there.


Perhaps you feel it a bit, or you know you are not suppose to be where you are. Maybe you lose sight of your "why" and you don’t know how to fix it.


Here is an exercise from a recent book that I read by Gary Keller, The One Thing.


It’s called the "focus question"


You simply asked yourself, "what is the one thing that you can do thus by doing it, everything will be easier or unnecessary?"


This question needs to be asked on two levels. Macro and micro.


So let’s start at a macro level – what do you need to focus on that by doing so, everything will be easier.


Perhaps it is your career or your business that you need to fix and focus on.


The micro level – is the most important first step that you need to take right now so that you are moving forward in the direction of your macro vision.


Example, perhaps it's making 5 sales calls, or sending 5 proposals. Whatever it is, it's all about figuring out the most important task and doing it. 


Does that make sense?


Imagine a zooming in and zooming out of your life plan here. 


You want to be able to focus on what matters, and execute on the tactical level right away.


The rest is honestly irreverent.

I found this exercise quite useful as there are TONs of new opportunities that have been coming up, but I am learning to say "no" and having to remind myself to focus on what really matters.

There's a beautiful quote from Mark Twain about success "The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one."

That's more or less what you are doing here. 

Getting started on what is important. Forget the noise, just focus on your grand vision (the macro part) and then focus on the next step (the micro part.)

I hope that makes sense and I hope that helps you feel a little less overwhelmed while we are attacking this year. 

I have so much to give and I have so much amazing content in the pipeline for you guys. 

Try this method and let me know how it goes. 

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Until next week, live with passion, live your dream and live it now!