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Mar 14, 2017

Eric Ho is a renowned international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, business coach, educator and author. Speaking across events internationally, he teaches the importance of balancing business success with spiritual being.

He is the man behind H Academy, H giving as well as H mastermind. 

In the interview, we dive into how to develop a millionaire mindset

You will discover the power of currency through your legacy. You will also discover how more giving can be more detrimental than actually doing good. 

Learn the epic story of Eric Ho and how you can develop a business system that will propel you to the millionaire status. 

Show notes and links can be found:

Mar 6, 2017

Philip Mckernan is an inspirational speaker, writer and filmmaker. Philip works with entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world. When people are seeking clarity about their future or want to move through roadblocks, seen and unseen, they call Philip. As a speaker he has inspired and challenged the Canadian Olympic Team and The Pentagon to name a few.

He helps people get clear on who they are and where they need to go. He helps them transition in their personal and professional lives so people feel aligned in all areas of life. Philip believes who and what we do ‘off the ice’ has a huge impact on our results ‘on the ice’.

What separates Philip from a lot of coaches, speakers and gurus is originality. He brings new conversations to the table and spends an obscene amount of time thinking and challenging the status quo, instead of simply repackaging business & life hacking strategies. Philip McKernan is a philosopher, a modern day philosopher of the human experience.

With a knack of getting into all sorts of scenarios – he’s caddied in golf for the President of Ireland, been chased and nearly killed by a bull elephant in Nigeria and made wine in Australia. He has traveled to 80 countries around the globe and has worked with orphans in Sri Lanka, Peru, India and Guatemala, written 4 books despite being dyslexic and his first documentary film will be released in late 2016. The film explores how the gift of giving makes up feel more worthy and alive. It also explores the science behind the impact of giving on our emotional well being, our mental health, our physiology and our business’s.

Philip believes the path to a happy and fulfilling life is found through the meaning we derive in life through the WORK we do, our relationship to OTHERS and the most important relationship of all, the one with ones SELF.

Show note and links to Video interview:

Feb 27, 2017

Stephanie Joanne is known online as The Entrepreneurial Enabler and creator of her signature program Build Your Empire. She’s a serial entrepreneur who started her journey as self-made brand in the fitness and health industry. Since appearing in over 200 media outlets and working with an impressive roster of companies including Nike, Quest Nutrition and Adidas , she built her personal brand to be one of the most recognized in her industry.

In 2014 she launched her online business, flipping the table and helping thousands of entrepreneurs learn, apply and leverage the power of branding and online marketing in today’s digital landscape. I’ve seen this girl go from 0 to over a million dollars in online sales within her first 18 months of launching online...

Put best by the Huffington post "It is rare to see people start in one industry and then change to dominate like this…"

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Feb 22, 2017

Have you ever suffered from a really bad anxiety attack? How about a panic attack? 

IF you are anything like myself, when you start feeling anxious, all the emotions tend to come up. 

From fear to anger, to limiting beliefs. It's a cycle that doesn't end. 

This week, we have Tim JP Collins from The Anxiety Podcast on the show breaking down HOW we can not only overcome anxiety but to discover how to thrive with anxiety. 

You will discover what Tim did to overcome his anxiety and how you can replicate the same results in channeling anxious energy. 

Show notes and Video links can be found -->

Feb 14, 2017

Steven Farquharson - How to turn your pain into your GIFT

He coaches creatives and entrepreneurs into becoming their fully expressed selves.
He is a conscious rapper, a comedy writer as well as a coach for creatives.

In this deep episode, Steven shared his EPIC "One last rap" with us as well as the story behind his pain growing up. He discovered how to leverage his pain to turn into his gifts and now, he helps others tap into the same power.

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Feb 9, 2017

3 Signs You Are Going To Be Successful

Cliff Notes:
- how to be a BOSS
- DANCE until it rains
- The most powerful reframe in the world

3 Signs You Are Going To Be Successful

Cliff Notes:
- how to be a BOSS
- DANCE until it rains
- The most powerful reframe in the world

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Feb 7, 2017

Imagine IF you can only work 6 hours a week? 

What would you do in your business? 

What would you do the rest of the time? 

My guess is, your actions would be dramatically different. This week, we have the good fortune of having the virtual CEO himself on the show; Chris Ducker. 

Chris Ducker is known as a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author of Virtual Freedom, keynote speaker, and/ or personal branding coach.

He also runs one of the most sought after business events in the world in Tropical Think Tank. 

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Feb 2, 2017

Want to be happier?
You should ask yourself these two questions every morning!!
Guaranteed you won't be disappointed

Watch video:


Jan 30, 2017

Myke Macapinlac is the founder of Social Confidence Summit as well as a confidence coach for men around the world. His in-depth list of clients not only look like rockstars, but start changing their whole lives simply from working on their social confidence. 

Myke recently launch his book “Social Confidence For Shy Guys” and his podcast called Social Confidence mastery. 

In this episode, we break down what it means to be socially confident as we break the myth of charisma and WHY rejection is the key to success. 

Show notes: 

Jan 26, 2017

How To Dominate Your Niche ft: John Lee Dumas. 

This the critical lesson I learned from talking to John earlier this week. IF you missed the interview, make sure to catch it here -->

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Jan 23, 2017

John Lee Dumas is the man behind one of most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever  Accomplish your #1 goal in 100 days with The Freedom Journal:

He is the launching a new notebook this week; Master productivity, discipline and focus in 100 days with The Mastery Journal:

He is also the man behind one of the most popular podcasts around the world, his movement, the Fire Nation. 


Join the waitlist for my new online course, Podcast Your Brand; helping knowledge experts get their message out  to the world in a bigger way so that they can paid for their services and create a larger impact. 

Join the waitlist:

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Jan 19, 2017

Why attitude is more important that IQ

YES ladies and gentleman attitude is more important than IQ. in this video/audio we will explain all the reasons why attitude is so important if you want to be successful

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Jan 16, 2017

UJ Ramdas is the co-creator of The Five Minute Journal, Productivity Planner and co-founder at Intelligent Change. He cares deeply about behavior, business, and learning. He's also a fan of meditation, nature, and coffee.

Jan 12, 2017

Why Goals Are Useless And What You Need To Do Instead. The answer might surprise you. 

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Jan 9, 2017

Nicholas Kusmich is one of the world's top Facebook Ads Strategist behind some of the world's most game-changing entrepreneurs. With a client list that features the likes Joe Polish, Dean Graziosi, Robin Sharma etc...

He is responsible for some of the world's largest ROI's in the advertising industry. 

This episode is NOT about Facebook advertising. It is the untold story of how Nicholas Kusmich became a millionaire without setting goals.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Show notes and links:


Jan 5, 2017

Changemakers, this is THE challenge for you in 2017. 

What is your theme for 2017? 

In this episode, I share with you three HUGE universal themes for your success and in hopes you are applying them to build your movement and future. 

Let me know what you guys think. 

Love you guys! 


Dec 22, 2016

Alexi Panos is a modern day philosopher, writer, artist, humanitarian and all around bad-ass nerd on a mission to make personal development mainstream by synthesizing big ideas into fun, bite-sized nuggets of goodness that spread throughout the world and create a ripple effect of positivity and love.

Simply put: she is a powerhouse! She travels alongside her partner Preston Smiles impacting the globe through their speaker, workshops, and books

She is also the author of "50 Ways to yay! Transformative tools for a whole lot of happy." And her NEW book, Now or Never: Your Epic Life in 5 Steps

Shownotes and Links:

Grab their NEW book:

  • How Alexi switched from scarcity to abundance mentality
  • The difference between the head, heart and the soul 
  • Why and how you are living in abundance right now (yes, right now!) 
  • Why she felt her NEW book Now or Never: Your Epic Life in 5 Steps is needed in the world
  • and so much more!! 


Dec 20, 2016

How To Use Play and Love To Live An EPIC Life

Preston Smiles is an international speaker, motivational messenger, and YouTuber.

He travels with his beautiful wife (next episode;)) impacting the globe through their speaker, workshops, and books.

We are here to talk about their new book that they wrote together. Now or never -How to live an epic life in 5 steps.

Preston also happens to be the author of Love Louder: 33 Ways to Amplify Your Life which he only launched at the beginning of this year.

Simply put: they are on fire! 

Two books within a year, multiple international speaking gigs, standing ovations when they speak etc...  

It’s exciting for anyone to watch. 

That’s what we talked about in this interview.

How did he get started when he didn’t have any of this. 

We talked about how people are not in flow and why my guest seems like he is constantly on or tapped in.

I freaking love his reason for this.

We also touched on his favorite chapter of the book, radical responsibility and how it’s the hardest one to accept for all of us. 

The interview starts off a bit heady meaning we got really into his past, how he grew up, and how he became the global icon he is today…

 But the reason I led this way, is to show you his process.

The process is NOT always pretty to look at or want to talk about, but at one point, he went off on the idea of patience, and it was a beautiful thing to listen to. 

He embodies what living an epic life is all about, and it’s my honor to bring to you and share with you his story and message.

Show notes and links:

Watch the interview: 

Dec 11, 2016

The Art of Not Giving A Fuck & Self-Driving Cars with Ameer Rosic

Ameer Rosic came on the show a 2nd time to discuss emerging technologies and how we should prepare for the NEW world we are entering into.

First episode:
Video of Interview:

Dec 8, 2016

I genuinely can’t believe I am recording episode 100. I am your host Jay Wong and It is an absolutely privilege for me that you are tuning in.


I don’t know who most of you are. Perhaps we haven’t had a chance to connect on social media or via emails.


But I know something about you.


You have a gift and you know it.


You have been tapped on your shoulder by god, by a higher being, by aliens, by your intuition, or by whatever you believe.


I know it. And you know it.


Look, this podcast was never about what you believe. What religion do you belong to or where your faith lies.


This podcast has always been about creating an impact with your gift. Creating your life’s work and having the guts, the balls, man balls and woman balls to simply GO FOR IT.


To Live the life you deserve.


To create the legacy to honour your gift and your message.


I had no idea I would be here recording this episode for you.


I spent the last two weeks, relistening to my podcast, to some of my favourite episodes.


I have heard that some podcast hosts have started to remix their podcasts so in a single episode, they would essentially rip a bit here, and rip a bit there.


And then supplement in their message.


To be honest, I wrote an episode like that. WIth four of my favourite podcasts from this year, and that was going to be my epic 100.


But as I was putting on the final touches on it, something didn’t seem right.


It just felt forced and contrived.


And if you have been following my work for any amount of time, you know I am not about that.


I am about living in the moment.


I am about tapping into your zone of genius and discovering how you can build a life around there.


So I simply put it aside, scrapped it and start anew.


Go with whatever NEW I had in mind and this started flowing out of me.


You see, sometimes in life, you follow and you do what others have done before you because you simply don’t know how to do better.


Or perhaps this was the way that you were raised or taught.


Over the last 16 months, I have learnt a great amount through this podcast and my life is completely different than where I first started.


If you wanted to see how I was feeling when I first started on my parents coach almost 2 years ago, then listen to episode 99.


It was the last one before this, and I was interviewed by the talented Chris Spurvey on the It’s Time To Sell Podcast.


I want to talk to you about the present.


About the now.


About this moment.


You see, I might not know who you are, but I already told you I know you have a gift.


You have genius trapped in you and it’s looking to get out.


You are beyond scared to let it out because it would mean change.


Whether good or bad, it would mean change no matter what.


And to be honest, most of us were never taught to deal with change in a healthy way.


We were never taught to be patient with ourselves and accept the change. The good and bad.


I still go through days and nights where I am stressed beyond belief. I run multiple online courses LIVE and a mastermind of inner circle people, as well as manage the entire podcast and media channels.


I get scared too.


I have doubts too


I lay awake from time to time, wondering what if this goes wrong. What if I can’t be the better human and find a way to “make it”


But in those moments, I have trained myself to switch the lens of my situation.


Instead of looking at the alternatives, and the unknown, I look at the facts.


I acknowledge that the path of any messenger is not a straight one.


I acknowledge that it takes time to build something epic and great


I accept that I am human and I still don’t know everything.


And will likely not know much in the grand scheme of things.


I accept that I am human and that I fear change as much any other person would.


I also accept the responsibility of my gifts


I realize that if I don’t share my gifts with the world, no one will.


Because at the end of the day, they can only share theirs.


And I can only share mine.


There are no duplicates for our genius.


It is so unique and so powerful if we just let go


If we let go of our ego and fears, and thoughts and doubts, and simply let it be.


Let it blossom the way a flower needs time to bloom.


Our genius is waiting for us to let go.


It’s craving to be let out into the world and play.


It’s craving to inspire others through your grit and skills.


I don’t know who most of you are. Perhaps we haven’t had a chance to connect on social media or via emails.


But I know something about you.


You have a gift and you know it.


You have been tapped on your shoulder by god, by a higher being, by aliens, by your intuition,


I know it. And you know it.


You are a changemaker and that’s all i need to know about you.


I promise you that all of your support, comments, likes, email fwds, requests, have not been ignored.


This might be episode 100, but I promise you it’s the beginning of something so much more.


I have been playing small, not attacking the movement and been comfortable sitting where I am.


I will not play small no more!


I will play to win. In this month, and the months after that.


One day, changemakers from around the world will unite and we will be able to impact billions of people on this planet.


We will be able to do it together and we will be tapping into our gifts


We will use all of your genius to do it, and it will be glorious.


It’s funny, when I started writing this episode, I had no idea how it was going to end.


And perhaps, that is exactly the fitting ending needed.


When we embark on the journey of tapping into our gifts, it’s not always going to be clear what to do next or how the whole thing will end.


All you can do is use your gifts every day , be patient and be ready to inspire the world when it’s your turn.




Are you hearing me?


This might have just started out as a podcast, but I promise you it won’t end here.


We are changemakers and the changemaker movement is coming.


This is Jay

Signing off, episode 100!


Reminding you to always choose adventure in your life.


Live with passion, live your dream and live it now!

Nov 30, 2016

This is a fireside chat ft: Chris Spurvey and Jay Wong. This was originally posted on Chris's podcast, It's Time To Sell.

For me to properly deliver Episode 100 to you, I need you first to understand the context of my situation 18 months ago.

Here is the untold story of The Inner Changemaker and what it took to get my podcast / brand to this point.

Here are the show notes:



Nov 26, 2016

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life - Interview with Cam Adair, Founder of GameQuitters

Watch Cam Interview Me:

Cam's Channel - GameQuiter:

Nov 23, 2016

Khierstyn Ross is a crowdfunding expert specializing in products and has raised over 1.2 Million in the last year. 

She went from running painting businesses, to consulting, before going through massive crowdfunding failures before she found her groove. 

In the episode, we deep dive into WHY she believes crowdfunding is the best way of validating a product idea and we also figure out what went wrong with her very first failed campaign. 

Fun fact: We run Toronto Internet Marketers together, which is the fastest growing internet marketing meetup in the city of Toronto. 

What you will discover through this episode: 

  • How Khierstyn went from running painting businesses to a crowdfunding expert
  • How to leverage the "popularity algorithm"
  • Why you need an audience before we launch your product
  • How she is able to get so much done in a condense amount of time.
  • and so much more!! 

Shownotes and links can be found here:

Nov 16, 2016

Michael O'Neal's grammar school report cards always read:  Doesn't live up to his potential and Talks too much."  One of those pieces of feedback would come in handy, as he is now the founder and host of the award-winning and much acclaimed business and entertainment podcast, "The Solopreneur Hour with Michael O'Neal." The show, launched in August 2013, has already garnered more than 6 million downloads and monetized to multiple six-figures, features lively and highly engaging conversations between Michael and his various (and often much sought-after) guests, who share remarkable stories, advice and practical tips for an audience that badges itself as "proudly unemployable" and highly motivated to finally take charge of their own lucrative business pursuits.

Show notes and links can be found:

Nov 13, 2016

From the conversation with Grant Cardone, there were a couple of points that resonated with me.

1) Mindset of a multi-millionaire

2) How being a junkie can be a force for good rather than evil.

Which point resonated with you the most? Let me know in the comment section here -->


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