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Mar 30, 2017

Go here to be part of the NEW show and ASK your question

#askjaywong #wisdomwednesday

I am going to be hosting a NEW weekly LIVESTREAM show and you can be involved. Over the last few months, I have been receiving countless emails asking me personal questions and I have been writing and writing various responses back to changemakers around the world. 

It's TIME that the rest of the world gets a chance to hear some of the answers. I can't promise you that I am going to know the answer, but I promise to share as openly as possible with you all. 

IF you have a question that you would love to ask, whether it's personal or business, please get involve and ask it here -->

Potential topics covered: 

- how to get over break ups

- how to transition out of your 9 to 5

- how to approach your passion and your purpose

- how to cultivate a winning mindset

See you soon! 

Mar 28, 2017

Jordan Harbinger is known as an entrepreneur, talk show host and world-renowned social dynamics expert.

He is the co-founder of The Art of Charm, and has helped develop one of the leading self-development programs in the world, with a special expertise in social capital, relationship-building and authentic rapport. He is also the host of The Art of Charm Podcast, where he interviews leading entrepreneurs, celebrities, writers and experts about psychology, performance, life and success. Can you imagine how I felt when he said yes to coming on the show?

For all his work in the field, Forbes named Jordan one of the 50 best relationship-builders in the world, and Inc. Magazine recently called him “the Charlie Rose of Podcasting.”

He is a  former Wall Street attorney who speaks five languages. Not bad right? He has spent several years abroad in Europe and the developing world, including South America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. He has worked for various governments and NGOs overseas, traveled through war zones, led several trips through North Korea, and been kidnapped—twice. (The only reason he’s still alive and kicking is because of his ability to talk his way into (and out of) just about any situation.)

In the interview, we talk about what it was like to start podcasting from the very beginning, back in 2006. His show gets about 3,000,000 downloads a month now, but who the heck was my guest when he first started.

We also completely disagree with each other in terms of business owners starting a podcast and leveraging it for their business. That’s right in the beginning so make sure to dive in.

We also talk about the concept of social capital. How to create, how to leverage it and ultimately, how to be a freaking boss in all areas of life because you know how to harness it.

This is one episode you listen to at least twice because my guest gives a great framework in terms of tapping into the power of social capital and tons of great stories as well. 

As always, the video version of the interview is on the Youtube channel, so if you are curious to all of our mannerisms and want to watch us in action, go to Jay WongTV

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ANNOUNCEMENT:  I am starting a NEW show and it’s not just a podcast and we are not doing interviews. In fact, I want you to create the show with me. Kinda like crowdfunding, but without the money and only using your questions so it’s 120% relevant to you. The fans of this show.

In fact, I want you to create the show with me. Kind of like crowdfunding, but without the money and only using your questions so it’s 120% relevant to you. The fans of this show.

Sound interesting?

Ok, it is going to be a weekly LIVE stream show, on multiple channels, with the opportunity for a select few to ask me direct questions about the obstacles in your life, or business, or mindset, or how it feels being an Asian entrepreneur in North America. 


We are going to go places where we have never gone on this show because we are not bound by interviews. We are going to make it our own changemakers.


It is going to be a live show, every Wednesday at noon. So we can hang out once a week.

It is a total experiment, but I am honestly so excited.


IF you are just as excited and have a question in regards to anything to do with mindset, personal development or even a deeper question that you have been wondering about me, my business and the world, I invite you to ask it at

Once again, that is

We are kick starting this next Wednesday (April 5th) and I would LOVE to give you secret access to one of the rooms. I’ll explain more getting closer to the date. 


For now, just go to and make sure you are there when it happens :)  


Ok, no more delays here is the powerhouse episode featuring Jordan Harbinger.

Mar 21, 2017

AquaMobile, an on- demand at-home swim school which is now the largest of its kind in North America. AquaMobile uses cutting edge technology that allows customers to go online, key in their pool address and be matched with a certified instructor who will travel to their home.

My guest was just 19 years old when she started her swim school business,  which she grew with a single $3000 investment that she received from a government grant.

AquaMobile has now grown to 1500 instructors operating across Canada and in 25 states in the U.S, and has been profiled in Forbes, Inc., Huffington Post and Techvibes to name just a few, and had also pitched on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.  Diana has won a number of business awards including Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, and the $100,000 Small Business Challenge.

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Mar 16, 2017

Last weekend, I went with a few friends to a winter cottage. We went from 112+ degrees of the hot sauna to dipping into ice cold water in -18 temperature outside.

People told us it can't be done.

How many times in YOUR life have people said "you can't do that"

I have been told countless times over the last 2 years things that I can't do.

"you can't speak on stages internationally"
"you can't interview x"
"you can't fly a drone"
"you can't launch online programs"
"you can't build x"
"you can't be featured there"
"you can't, you can't, you can't etc..."

I believe we should disregard what you think you "can do" Make a list of things you CAN'T DO and start there instead.

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Mar 14, 2017

Eric Ho is a renowned international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, business coach, educator and author. Speaking across events internationally, he teaches the importance of balancing business success with spiritual being.

He is the man behind H Academy, H giving as well as H mastermind. 

In the interview, we dive into how to develop a millionaire mindset

You will discover the power of currency through your legacy. You will also discover how more giving can be more detrimental than actually doing good. 

Learn the epic story of Eric Ho and how you can develop a business system that will propel you to the millionaire status. 

Show notes and links can be found:

Mar 6, 2017

Philip Mckernan is an inspirational speaker, writer and filmmaker. Philip works with entrepreneurs and business leaders all over the world. When people are seeking clarity about their future or want to move through roadblocks, seen and unseen, they call Philip. As a speaker he has inspired and challenged the Canadian Olympic Team and The Pentagon to name a few.

He helps people get clear on who they are and where they need to go. He helps them transition in their personal and professional lives so people feel aligned in all areas of life. Philip believes who and what we do ‘off the ice’ has a huge impact on our results ‘on the ice’.

What separates Philip from a lot of coaches, speakers and gurus is originality. He brings new conversations to the table and spends an obscene amount of time thinking and challenging the status quo, instead of simply repackaging business & life hacking strategies. Philip McKernan is a philosopher, a modern day philosopher of the human experience.

With a knack of getting into all sorts of scenarios – he’s caddied in golf for the President of Ireland, been chased and nearly killed by a bull elephant in Nigeria and made wine in Australia. He has traveled to 80 countries around the globe and has worked with orphans in Sri Lanka, Peru, India and Guatemala, written 4 books despite being dyslexic and his first documentary film will be released in late 2016. The film explores how the gift of giving makes up feel more worthy and alive. It also explores the science behind the impact of giving on our emotional well being, our mental health, our physiology and our business’s.

Philip believes the path to a happy and fulfilling life is found through the meaning we derive in life through the WORK we do, our relationship to OTHERS and the most important relationship of all, the one with ones SELF.

Show note and links to Video interview: