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The Inner Changemaker Podcast with Jay Wong | Purpose | Entrepreneurs | Motivation | Life Strategy



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May 31, 2016

Hey changemakers,


The internet at my place is down and has been down for almost 2 days now. For any online entrepreneur, that has been no fun. But this is too important,


I wanted you to be the first ones to hear about a new announcement as I mentioned in one of my last emails, but today is about dreaming BIG.


Let me give some context here.


I found out over the weekend, but our show. This exact show that you are listening right now.


My voice. Exactly where you are sitting or standing right now. We made it.


We just got nominated as from the People's Choice Podcast Awards as a top 10 business podcast for 2016.


That’s pretty crazy, right?


The first thought that hit me was WOW as if something like this happened. But then I thought, of course. This is what happens when you dare to dream big.


When you dare to status quo and when you dare to choose adventure in your life.


I didn’t know too much about the podcasting world 10 months ago. I didn’t do a course or join a community. Looking back, that’s probably what I should have done. But honestly, I wasn’t in the right frame of mind.


I just couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to get clarity on a message stuck in me and I couldn’t figure out how to do it.


I was trying to build an online business and failing fast. Losing cash every single month. It wasn’t pretty.


It didn’t really matter to me, though, I knew I had this message and if I figure out how to get it out to the world, it has the potential to be apart of my life forever.


It sounds drastic and crazy looking back, but that’s the truth. I simply wanted to build a life and business creating an impact to the world.


It’s like what Connor Beaton from ManTalks was talking about in our last interview. You have to have a vision and be daring enough to dream big.


Here is the thing, though, IF you were starting out just as I was, you do not need to have absolute clarity. You need to simply start.


Clarity is important to have, but more than anything, inaction is often times the killer of dreams.


It’s not as important to have absolute clarity when you are just doing it. You just need to do something that you are drawn to and you can see yourself getting better at, and you can see how it potentially can deliver astronomical value to people's lives.


That’s literally it. No need to complicate it.


There was an episode it did with Joe Rios who has run a marathon on 5 out of the 7 continents in the world. He talked about something called a BHAG.


BHAG stands for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. What's your BHAG? 

His was to run a marathon on every continent and raise funds for causes he cares about.


Mine is to create content whether it is speeches, videos, podcasts, books, that will move the needle for people and inspire them to share their stories with the world.


What’s your BHAG?


What's your big hairy audacious goal?


What’s your vision for where you want to go?


You need to stop listening to those voices in your head about you not deserving or not good enough or whatever else bullshit you sell yourself so you don’t pursue your dream.


You need to listen to that voice in your heart. The one that says maybe, just maybe you can do it.


But only if you are crazy enough to dream big. To go beyond your results and circumstances of today so that you can be the person you need to be tomorrow.


I am forever grateful to be on this journey with you all. To be documenting in real time my exact responses and emotions.


I am literally overwhelmed with gratitude, even as I am recording this.


If you have gotten any value from this podcast, please visit and vote for The Inner Changemaker in the business category.


I so appreciate you. Remember, we are in this together changemakers.


Until next time, Stay crazy, stay awesome.

Stay crazy, stay awesome.


May 26, 2016

Connor Beaton is the founder of ManTalks Movement. He is also a speaker, Business Coach, and lifestyle entrepreneur.

Before founding ManTalks, Connor pursued his passion as an Opera singer which allowed him to sing in Europe, China, and North America.

He then went on to work with the largest company in the world, Apple, leading high-performance sales and operations teams.

Connor currently runs ManTalks which expanded to Toronto and Los Angeles in April.

ManTalks supports men who are looking to achieve greatness in their life by connecting them with like-minded individuals and giving them the tools to grow their desired area of life.

ManTalks hosts monthly events, mastermind groups and a fast growing online presence with their podcast and blog where they find world class men from ex-Navy Seals to spiritual teachers.

They have featured some amazing people from Lewis Howes, to Joel Brown, Juvan Langford and so many more modern-day changemakers.

In the interview, we really try to dissect what drives Connor and the meaning of his ManTalks movement.

You will learn not only about how Connor got started but his vision for where he sees ManTalks evolving and making a greater impact.

We also touch on not only what it takes to be a successful man or woman in the 21st century, but really the core message comes back to being an authentic human being.

Show notes and links mentioned in the show can be found on my website

May 20, 2016

There are two things you need to consider if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, creator, and/or messenger. 

We do a mini-dive into these two topics and I share with you a personal story of my travels to illustrate the point. 

If I told you-you can change your life in 5 years, how would you start living? 

One love,


May 17, 2016

For today’s interview, we have Nathan Chan from Foundr Mag, one of the world’s infamous digital magazines.
Once upon a time, Foundr was just a business magazine with a few hundred readers. But we’ve grown. Now, Foundr is a multi-faceted digital media business spreading the love of entrepreneurship through its podcast, magazine and training platform. And Foundr magazine is now enjoyed by thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs located all around the planet.
Launched by entrepreneur Nathan Chan in 2013 with nothing but a laptop computer and a fistful of dollars, Foundr began dedicated to the mission of helping entrepreneurs build and grow a successful business.
Nathan has put together interviews with literally the world's top entrepreneurs and changemakers, from Richard Branson, to Seth Godin, to Tim Ferriss, these guys are absolutely crushing it.

And they have over 763 thousand followers on Instagram and have been driving exponential traffic through that medium.
In the episode, we discuss his fascinating story and we talk about a super undervalued trait, which is patience.
Nathan walks us through his entire mindset and the constant ups and down of building a multi-faceted digital media empire.
We really dive deep on this because we discuss what it takes to be a patient entrepreneur,
How you can leverage Instagram as a platform to win in today’s world
And Nathan’s future plans for his company and his empire.
One of the most interesting interviews of the season for sure, because I was obviously fascinated with their success and they are a supreme example of what to do in business.
Focusing on one thing at a time, validating their ideas, and taking consistent action.

Show notes and links mentioned in the show can be found on my website



May 9, 2016

Jokke Sommer, one of the world’s well-known wing suit flyers and base jumpers.

If you are familiar with the “the people are awesome videos”

Then you will be familiar with Jokke Sommer.


He was one of the first base jumpers to record his jumps with video and GoPro and a quick YouTube search shows millions upon millions of downloads and views.


Jumping out of helicopters in Switzerland and all the world's greatest mountains, we discuss what's his motivation start filming YouTube videos of the jumps?



Warning: it is not for the faint of heart as Jokke has pretty much committed to climbing to the highest peaks in the world and jumping off of them in a strategic fashion.


I know that sounds weird, a guy in a wingsuit, base jumping is taking calculated risks, yes, that is precisely it.


In an effort of changing it up for you guys, I wanted to have him on to talk to us about his perception of fear and how he internalizes the fear.


We talk about that in the interview as well as how we can start living more adventures and realizing our dreams in our current state.


I can say, this is one of the coolest conversations that I have had the pleasure to record and be a part of it.


Show notes and links mentioned in the show can be found on my website


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Without any further ado, here is episode with Jokke Sommer

May 2, 2016

Bonus transmission to kickstart your week. 


I have been receiving a lot of emails recently from individuals telling me what kind of impact my work has on them. They are also asking me for help in terms of what to do next in their lives. 

Though it's humbling and I am constantly in awe of the situation, I think it boils down to two things. 

It's creating the habit of asking the right questions combined with a deep level of self-awareness thus knowing how to live in every moment. 


Once you understand this, you will be able to leverage the power of this moment! 


Interested in becoming a podcaster?


For so long, I have known that I wanted to not only get the opportunity to interview my own heroes but to get my message out there in a BIGGER way. 

Now that I have cracked the code, speaking internationally at podcasting conferences, I want to help other messengers and creators do the same. 

I will be hosting a few masterclasses next week to show you specifically "How you can launch and create a top-rated podcast in 60 days" 

Learn more at 

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